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Solinotes Eau De Parfum Discovery Set - 3 Fragrances

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Discover the perfect scent with the Solinotes Eau De Parfum Discovery Kit - an irresistible gift set containing three exquisite fragrances. With these versatile perfumes, you can indulge in a variety of scents that are sure to please anyone from the age of 16 to 75, regardless of gender. This set includes three 15ml perfumes with the enchanting fragrances of Cherry, Rose, and Freesia.

Embrace the beauty of Cherry, paying tribute to the poetic Cherry Blossom, a symbol of purity. The fragrance begins with invigorating Lemon & Mandarin notes, illuminating your senses with a breath of fresh air. As the scent unfolds, a delightful floral-fruity bouquet of Cherries, Raspberries, and Rose emerges, capturing the essence of spring. The base notes of Musk and Apple unite to create a sweet and tender marriage of scents.

For those captivated by the allure of the Queen of the Flower World, our Rose perfume offers a modern and radiant interpretation of this timeless note. This fragrance opens with fruity and citrus tones, with refreshing Bergamot and Lychee melding elegantly with the romantic and sweet Rose and Magnolia heart. To add contrast and elegance, a touch of Cedarwood in the base notes enhances the delicate floral bouquet.

Indulge in the sunshine with our Freesia perfume, which sublimates the exquisite fragrance of this delicate flower. It begins with an invigorating burst of fruit, providing a vitaminized breath of freshness. The harmonious nuances of Freesia and Jasmine, bursting with light, caress your senses. Finally, the warmth of Osmanthus and Sandalwood creates a captivating and intoxicating fragrance, infusing you with a joie de vivre.

To experience the Solinotes perfumes to their fullest, we recommend applying them to your body's hot points. These strategic areas, which give off more heat, allow the fragrance to develop its diffusion capacity, ensuring you enjoy the full aromatic experience. Apply to the inside of your wrists, neck, and the back of your neck for an enhanced olfactory journey.

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Unleash your senses with this remarkable gift set - a collection of three distinct fragrances that will transport you to a world of pure aromatic bliss. Elevate your personal style, make a lasting impression, and embrace the joy of gifting with the Solinotes Eau De Parfum Discovery Set. Open the doors to a world of scents and celebrate the artistry of fragrance.

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