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Coreopsis Tinctoria Seeds - 90K, 1oz

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Experience the beauty of vibrant yellow, red, and green Coreopsis Tinctoria flowers with these reliable and dependable seeds from Zellajake Farm and Garden. Transform your garden into a kaleidoscope of colors with these exquisite seeds that are perfect for plant enthusiasts of all ages.

Planting Depth and Seed Spacing:
With a planting depth of 1/16', these Coreopsis Tinctoria seeds are easy to sow. Simply scatter the seeds on the soil and lightly cover them. For optimal growth and spacing, leave a distance of 6-8' inches between each seed. This ensures that each plant has enough room to flourish and showcase its unique beauty.

Temperature and Germination:
Create the ideal environment for germination by maintaining a temperature range of 65-80°F. These seeds thrive in warm climates, allowing them to germinate and grow at an optimal rate. Within just 5-10 days, you will witness the first signs of growth as your Coreopsis Tinctoria flowers start to emerge.

Maturity and Blooming:
Watch in awe as these stunning flowers mature within 15-30 days. As the plants grow, the vibrant colors intensify, adding bursts of joy to your garden or floral arrangements. These Coreopsis Tinctoria flowers are guaranteed to be a beautiful addition to any landscape, providing a visual feast for the eyes and a source of inspiration for all flower lovers.

Packaging and Seed Count:
The seeds are packaged by weight, ensuring that you receive an abundance of seeds to fulfill all your gardening dreams. While the seed count is approximate, we guarantee that you will have more than enough seeds to create a captivating Coreopsis Tinctoria display. Experience the joy of nurturing these delicate flowers from seeds and witnessing their stunning transformation.

Zellajake Farm and Garden:
At Zellajake Farm and Garden, we have been dedicated to providing exceptional quality seeds for all your planting needs since 2013. We understand the importance of reliability and affordability, which is why we strive to offer the best deals and offers. Our goal is to make gardening accessible to everyone by keeping seed costs low without compromising on quality.

Gift-Worthy Seeds:
Looking for a unique, affordable, and meaningful gift option? Look no further! These Coreopsis Tinctoria seeds are the perfect present for any occasion. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or a thoughtful gesture for a loved one, these seeds are a delightful way to show you care. With their vibrant colors and easy-to-grow nature, they make an ideal gift for men, women, or children who appreciate the beauty and joy of nature.

Unleash your creativity with these Coreopsis Tinctoria seeds. They are a fantastic choice for Secret Santa exchanges, Christmas gifts, wedding presents, or simply as a treat for yourself. Take delight in watching these flowers bloom and fill your garden with their captivating hues.

So, why wait? Explore the vast possibilities of Coreopsis Tinctoria flowers by planting these exceptional seeds from Zellajake Farm and Garden. Let your garden become a haven of beauty and an enchanting display for all to admire. Order now and embark on a colorful journey with these extraordinary seeds.

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