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Microsoft Windows 11 Pro (USB)

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€199,99 - €199,99
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Introducing Microsoft Windows 11 Pro (USB), the ultimate operating system designed specifically with hybrid work in mind. With its powerful and streamlined user experience, this edition of Windows 11 Pro ensures that you stay focused and get more done, no matter where your office may be. It boasts a range of innovative features and enhancements that allow for simpler navigation and a more intuitive interface, making multitasking a breeze.

• Instantly Productive: Windows 11 Pro helps you jumpstart your productivity with its seamless integration of essential tools and applications. From the moment you power up your device, you'll be greeted with a sleek and personalized start menu, enabling quick access to your most-used programs. With snap layouts, managing multiple tasks has never been easier, allowing you to arrange and organize your windows exactly the way you want them. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to efficiency.

• Smarter Collaboration: Stay connected and collaborate effortlessly with Windows 11 Pro. Whether you're working alongside colleagues or engaging in remote teamwork, the improved Microsoft Teams integration ensures that you can connect and communicate seamlessly. Enjoy the flexibility of virtual meetings, file sharing, and real-time editing, all within a secure and integrated environment. Take your collaboration to new heights with Windows 11 Pro.

• Reassuringly Consistent: Experience a consistent and cohesive user interface across all your devices, making it easier than ever to transition between workstations. Windows 11 Pro provides a unified experience that adapts to your preferences, ensuring that you can effortlessly switch between your laptop, desktop, or tablet. Enjoy a familiar yet refined experience that enhances both your productivity and peace of mind.

• Powerful Security: Rest easy knowing that your data and devices are safeguarded with Windows 11 Pro's advanced security features. Leverage hardware-based isolation, encryption, and built-in malware protection to defend against potential threats. From accessing your data anywhere with confidence to ensuring application compatibility and adopting expanded deployment policies, Windows 11 Pro prioritizes the security and integrity of your workflow.

Windows 11 Pro Release Date: 23-04-2023
Model Number: HAV-00162
Part Number: HAV-00162
EAN: 0889842966169
Binding: Personal Computers
Format: Software Key Card

Unlock your full potential with Microsoft Windows 11 Pro. Whether you're a professional looking for a reliable operating system for your hybrid work setup or a student seeking an efficient and secure solution, this is the perfect choice. Its advanced features and enhanced functionality make it an exceptional gift for yourself or a loved one who values both productivity and technology. Upgrade to Windows 11 Pro today and experience a new level of performance, collaboration, and security.

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