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Josh's Frogs Small Dubia Roaches (100 Count)

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Introducing Josh's Frogs Small Dubia Roaches (100 Count) - the perfect solution for your reptiles and insectivores! If you're searching for a nutritious and reliable feeder that will keep your pets healthy and happy, look no further. These small Dubia roaches, measuring between 1/4' - 3/8', are specifically tailored for Bearded Dragons, Chameleons, Leopard Geckos, Fat Tail Geckos, and other similarly sized pets.

At Josh's Frogs, we understand the importance of providing top-quality feeders for your beloved pets. That's why our Dubia roaches go through extensive sorting and packaging processes. We meticulously weigh each batch, ensuring that you receive even more roaches than you ordered. Thanks to our attention to detail, you can rest assured that your pets will always have an ample supply of nutritious feeders.

To keep your Dubia roaches healthy and lively, it's essential to store them in the right conditions. Simply place them in a plastic container without a lid or with a ventilated lid, along with the piece of egg crate they come in. For added convenience, you can coat the rim of the container with Josh's Frogs Bug Off, which creates a smooth surface that prevents the roaches from climbing out.

When it comes to nutrition, we go the extra mile. We recommend gutloading the Dubia roaches with our high-quality Josh's Frogs Roach Rations and providing them with Calci-mMm Insect Watering Gel. This ensures that your pets receive optimal nutrition when they consume the roaches. With our carefully selected feed, you can be confident that you are providing your pets with the best possible diet.

Feeding your pet is easy with Josh's Frogs Small Dubia Roaches. Use a pair of tongs to deliver the roaches to your pet's enclosure or release them directly into the habitat for a hassle-free experience. Whether you have a seasoned pet owner or a beginner, feeding time will become a breeze with our convenient Dubia roaches.

At Josh's Frogs, we prioritize the welfare and safety of our customers and their pets. That's why we have obtained the necessary USDA permits to legally ship Dubia roaches across state lines, excluding Florida, California, Louisiana, and Hawaii. As part of our commitment to responsible pet ownership, we include a free informative flier with every Dubia roach purchase. This flier provides essential guidelines on proper disposal and preventing the release of these roaches into the wild. We encourage all our customers to adhere to these guidelines to maintain the balance of local ecosystems.

Please note, extreme temperatures can negatively impact the live arrival of the Dubia roaches. To ensure their safety, we do not ship when temperatures fall below 10 degrees F or rise above 85 degrees F. Customer satisfaction is our priority, and we want to guarantee the health and quality of our products.

With an EAN of 0859915006139, our Josh's Frogs Small Dubia Roaches (100 Count) are your go-to feeder for your reptiles and insectivores. Don't miss out on this fantastic deal that provides you with a generous supply of high-quality feeders. It's the perfect gift idea for both experienced pet owners and beginners alike.

Whether it's a birthday gift, an anniversary surprise, or a present to bring joy to someone special, Josh's Frogs Small Dubia Roaches are an affordable and convenient gift option. Suitable for adults of all ages, both men and women, these roaches are also a unique and educational gift for kids and teens interested in the world of reptiles.

This versatile feeder is ideal for those participating in a Secret Santa gift exchange, searching for stocking stuffers, or hunting for great Christmas gifts. It's also a fantastic choice for anyone in need of wedding gifts or looking for something unique to give mom, dad, or even a coworker.

With their compact size and nutritional value, Josh's Frogs Small Dubia Roaches (100 Count) are a go-to gift for reptile enthusiasts and pet owners across the board. So why wait? Grab your favorite pet lover a present they'll truly appreciate and make their day with our reliable and nutritious Dubia roaches.

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