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Froggy's Fog Swamp Juice, 1 Gallon

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Froggy's Fog Swamp Juice 1 Gallon Ridiculously Long-Lasting Fog Juice for Fog Machine: Experience the original, longest-lasting water-based fog machine liquid with a 2-3 hour hang time that has been trusted by the entertainment industry for more than 15 years. Clean and Efficient: Reduce wear and tear on water-based fog machines with the incredible efficiency of Swamp Juice fog liquid. Its non-irritating formula is made with health and safety in mind. Medium Density, Long-Lasting Fog Fluid: Provides the perfect amount of atmosphere for attractions where visibility is still important; Guests will be able to easily move around while still maintaining an amazing effect. World of Possibilities: Made for the outdoors or large facilities, Swamp Juice is used and enjoyed in a wide range of situations, including theme parks, haunted attractions, laser tags, skating rinks, family entertainment centers, nightclubs, and more. USA-Made Fog and More: Froggy's Fog is the premier fog fluid manufacturer based in the United States of America; Our fog, haze, and bubble fluids are 100% made in the USA; We take customer service very seriously and stand by each of our products. Froggys Fog Swamp Juice is a water-based fog machine fluid formulated to create an extremely long-lasting, super long hang time fog. Perfect for theme parks, haunted attractions, laser tags, and more. It has been featured on the TV Show 'World's Greatest...' as the World's Greatest Fog and is trusted by top clients including Universal Studios and Six Flags. Swamp Juice is also used by the military in Urban Warfare Training Centers and by Police and Fire Departments for Simulated Smoke Training.
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