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CGC All Night Long Pheromone Perfume

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Introducing the CGC Perfume Oil with Pheromones Head Over Heels from Classic Erotica! Enhance your allure and captivate the senses with this flirty and irresistible fragrance. From hot brunch dates to lazy Sundays in bed, this perfume is perfect for any occasion.

• All Night Long Pheromone Infused Fragrance: This perfume is specially crafted with a unique blend of pheromones. When mixed with your own natural scent, it creates an alluring fragrance that is sure to turn heads. Feel confident and let the subtle power of pheromones work its magic all night long.

• Fruity and Floral Scent: Immerse yourself in a delightful combination of fruity and floral notes. The fragrance opens with invigorating top notes of mandarin, lemon, sweet osmanthus, and mimosa. The heart of the fragrance reveals a luscious blend of apple and fresh melon accord. Finally, the base notes of sandalwood, patchouli, and sweet amber add a touch of sensuality and elegance.

• Travel Size Bottle: Conveniently sized at 0.42 fluid ounces, this perfume is perfect for on-the-go use. The bottle features a handy roll-on applicator, allowing you to apply just the right amount of fragrance to your pulse points. Slip it into your purse or bag, and you'll always have your captivating scent close at hand.

• Made in the USA: Rest assured, this perfume is proudly made in the USA using only the finest ingredients. Classic Erotica ensures the highest quality standards, so you can indulge in this luxurious fragrance with peace of mind.

With its enchanting aroma, the CGC Perfume Oil with Pheromones Head Over Heels is an ideal gift for yourself or someone special. Whether it's for an anniversary, Secret Santa exchange, Christmas, a wedding, a birthday, or simply a thoughtful gesture, this perfume will make a memorable present.

So why wait? Treat yourself or surprise a loved one with this affordable yet luxurious fragrance. Explore the world of temptation and desire with the CGC Perfume Oil with Pheromones Head Over Heels. Unlock your seductive powers and leave a lasting impression wherever you go. Order now and let the magic unfold!

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