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BUSQUEDA Quest 2 VR Head Strap

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Introducing the BUSQUEDA Pro VR Head Strap with Magnetic Battery – the ultimate accessory to elevate your virtual reality experience. Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of limitless possibilities and endless entertainment. With its innovative design and exceptional features, this VR head strap is the perfect gift for yourself and your loved ones.

Enhanced VR Experience:
Upgrade your VR adventures with the BUSQUEDA Pro VR Head Strap. Featuring a magnetically attached battery pack, this elite strap provides an additional 6000mAh rechargeable battery and a high-speed cable. Say goodbye to frequent recharging and extend your playtime by an extra 3.5 hours. Dive deeper into VR games, binge-watch your favorite shows, or enjoy captivating movies for even longer. It's the ideal companion for virtual reality enthusiasts of all ages and interests.

Comfortable Lightweight Design:
Weighing only 0.68lb, the BUSQUEDA Pro VR Head Strap offers superior comfort and weight distribution. Experience reduced pressure on your face and neck, allowing for extended periods of usage without discomfort. Whether you're exploring breathtaking VR worlds or engaging in intense multiplayer battles, this head strap ensures a comfortable and immersive experience. Its breathable TPU back pad minimizes sweating, providing a cool and enjoyable VR experience for up to 8 hours.

Convenient Power Supply:
With the BUSQUEDA Pro VR Head Strap's magnetic quick-release design, detaching and charging the battery pack is a breeze. Seamlessly switch between using the battery pack and your VR host without any interruptions. Plus, the head strap is compatible with two battery packs, allowing for hot-swapping and unlimited battery life. (Second battery pack sold separately.) Never worry about running out of power again and keep the excitement going for as long as you want.

Easy to Install and Clean:
Designed with simplicity in mind, the BUSQUEDA Pro VR Head Strap is incredibly easy to install and disassemble. No complicated setup required – simply attach it to your VR device, and you're ready to go. The TPU pad is also easy to clean, ensuring a hygienic and odor-free VR experience every time. Spend more time enjoying VR and less time dealing with complicated setups or maintenance.

Superior Safety:
At BUSQUEDA, your safety is our utmost priority. The BUSQUEDA Pro VR Head Strap is equipped with a built-in Exclusive Safety Protection System, ensuring the safety of both you and your devices. Enjoy peace of mind while immersing yourself in thrilling virtual worlds and interactive experiences.

Unleash the full potential of your VR device with the BUSQUEDA Pro VR Head Strap. Order now and take your VR experience to new heights. Whether you're looking for a perfect gift for a loved one or treating yourself to the ultimate VR accessory, don't miss out on this incredible opportunity. Experience the future of virtual reality today.

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