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The Top 10 Attractions in Lisbon

Lisbon's top 10 Sights, Attractions, and Things to do



Lisbon, the sun-kissed capital of Portugal, is a city of compelling contrasts where historical charm meets modern allure.

From majestic forts to winding medieval streets, Lisbon never fails to mesmerize. Here are the top 10 must-see sights that encapsulate the city’s enchanting allure.

1. Castelo de São Jorge: A Blast From the Past

Perched atop Alfama’s highest hill and overlooking the Tagus River, the Castelo de São Jorge is a medieval fortress teeming with history.

This imposing attraction is a testament to Lisbon’s rich heritage, offering breathtaking views of the cityscape and the sparkling river.

Useful tip: Don’t forget to check out the interactive museum within the castle walls for an immersive peek into Lisbon’s past.


2. Alfama: A Labyrinth of History

Nestled at the foot of the city’s castle lies Alfama, a labyrinthine neighborhood that takes you back in time. Its narrow, maze-like streets are a delight to explore, revealing hidden gems at every turn. 

From its quaint fado restaurants to the lively Feast of St Anthony, Alfama pulses with authentic Portuguese culture.

Useful tip: Ditch the map and let your curiosity guide you through the winding alleys.


3. Tram 28: A Timeless Journey

Is there a better way to navigate Lisbon’s historical neighborhoods than on a vintage tram? Tram 28 offers a unique perspective on the city’s charm, meandering through narrow streets and past iconic landmarks. The hour-long journey promises an unforgettable experience of Lisbon’s timeless appeal.

Useful tip: Get there early to secure a window seat for the best views.


4. Mosteiro dos Jerónimos: An Architectural Marvel

A UNESCO World Heritage site, the Jerónimos Monastery is a symbol of Portugal’s Age of Discovery. This architectural marvel in the Belém district is a testament to the Manueline style of architecture, with intricate carvings that leave visitors spellbound.

Useful tip: The monastery’s stunning cloisters are a must-see.


5. Torre de Belém: A Towering Tribute to Lisbon’s Maritime Might

The Belém Tower stands as a reminder of Lisbon’s maritime heyday. This fortress, also a UNESCO World Heritage site, offers a panoramic view of the Tagus River. Despite its historical importance, the tower also has a whimsical side, with its artificial lake creating a moat-like effect.

Useful tip: Climb to the top for a stunning view of the Belém district.


6. Terreiro do Paço: Lisbon’s Majestic Plaza

Terreiro do Paço, or Praça do Comércio, is a grand square that has played a pivotal role in Lisbon’s history. This riverside plaza is a perfect spot to relax and watch the world go by, serving as a gateway between the Baixa district and the Tagus River.

Useful tip: Don’t miss the iconic Rua Augusta Arch at the north end of the square.


7. Chiado and Bairro Alto: The Heart of Lisbon

Chiado and Bairro Alto are the pulsating heart of Lisbon. Chiado is renowned for its elegant boutiques and historic cafes, while Bairro Alto buzzes with a vibrant nightlife scene. 

Both neighborhoods offer a unique blend of traditional and contemporary Portuguese culture.

Useful tip: Visit Bairro Alto at night to experience Lisbon’s lively bar scene.


8. Lisbon’s Viewpoints: Breathtaking Vistas

Lisbon’s hilly landscape offers numerous vantage points for stunning views of the city. From castle ramparts to modern rooftop bars, these viewpoints provide a unique perspective on Lisbon’s beauty.

Useful tip: A tuk-tuk tour can save you the effort of navigating the steep streets.


9. Parque das Nações: A Modern Oasis

The Parque das Nações is a testament to modern Lisbon. 

This futuristic district, transformed for the Expo ’98, is home to the city’s Oceanarium. With its manicured gardens and stunning architecture, it offers a refreshing contrast to Lisbon’s historical districts.

Useful tip: Take a ride on the cable car for an unbeatable view of the park.


10. Sintra: A Day Trip into a Fairy Tale

A short train ride from Lisbon, Sintra is a UNESCO World Heritage site brimming with palaces and gardens. This picturesque village offers a cooler respite from the city’s summer heat and provides a fairy-tale ending to your Lisbon adventure.

Useful tip: Make sure to visit the colorful Pena Palace.

10 Curious Things About Lisbon

  • The World’s Oldest Bookstore

Bertrand Bookstore in the Chiado neighborhood holds the Guinness World Record for being the world’s oldest operating bookstore. Established in 1732, this shop has survived earthquakes and social changes (“Guinness World Records”).

  • A City Older Than Rome

Many historians believe Lisbon is four centuries older than Rome. Ancient Phoenician settlers founded it, and it was later conquered by Romans, Moors, and finally the Portuguese (“BBC Travel”).

  •  The Birthplace of Fado

Fado music is integral to Lisbon culture. Originating in Alfama, it is a genre filled with themes of longing, love, and nostalgia (“Fado & Food Group”).

  • Trams From Another Time

The iconic yellow tram 28 is a living museum itself, some of the carriages date back to the 1930s (“Visit Lisboa”).

  • The Pink Street

R. Nova do Carvalho was once a gritty street frequented by sailors and known for its bars. Today, it’s reborn as the Pink Street — a lively hub of nightlife (“Culture Trip”).

  • The Earthquake of 1755

Lisbon suffered a devastating earthquake on November 1, 1755. Strangely, the Carmo Convent’s gothic arches survived and are now an archaeological museum (“Museu Arqueológico do Carmo”).

  • Two Christ Statues

Lisbon’s Christ the King statue was inspired by Rio de Janeiro’s Christ the Redeemer. The intriguing part? Both statues face each other across the Atlantic (“Atlas Obscura”).

  • The Enigma of the Belem Tower

Though the Belem Tower is a symbol of exploration, it also served as a prison and a customs point for ships entering the Tagus River (“UNESCO World Heritage Centre”).

  • Europe’s Longest Bridge

The Vasco da Gama Bridge spans over 17 kilometers, making it the longest in Europe (“AECOM”).

  • Street Art Revolution

Lisbon has a vibrant street art scene, with authorized zones for artists to express themselves. Notably, the Crono Project has turned derelict buildings into art canvases (“Crono Project”).

Visit Lisbon

Lisbon’s intoxicating mix of history, culture, and modernity makes it a must-visit destination. From its ancient castles to its vibrant neighborhoods, every corner of Lisbon tells a story. 

So why wait? 

Embrace the spirit of adventure and embark on your Lisbon journey today.



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