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The Gentlemen’s Club: Best Perfumes of All Time for Men with Style

If you are wondering which are the best colognes for men of all time or looking for scents that you can’t go wrong with, then this is definitely the article you need to read right now.

Most of the people I know have a hobby or hobbies.

So do I.
One of my hobbies is collecting the highest-quality perfumes. Or colognes, if you prefer.

¹ The topic for the origin of some terms used in the perfumery world is quite long itself, so at some point, we will publish a separate article dedicated to it.

I own some perfume bottles, and some of them are among those named as “the best cologne for men.”

My present “treasure” of 62 perfume bottles is not the usual type of collection that the “average” gentleman has at home, but it is instead something that will make a Hollywood actress envy.

I don’t just collect and have them. I also use them.


Of course — not all of them at the same time.

Some of my best friends find this hobby of mine strange, but most of them can’t tell you what is their second favorite men’s perfume (cologne), while I can.

They have their No1's, and they use it for the last 10–15 years.

The favorite Cologne for Men

I also have my favorites, and I’ll share their names and brands with you.

In this short carefully chosen selection, you will not find two perfumes that smell similar to each other.

Each one of them has its own, personal, distinctive signature and own character and charm. These are the ultimate perfumes for a gentleman with style.

The good news is: None of them cost a fortune.

I will not present the scents in a particular order or number them as per preference, because I enjoy all the fragrances and scents from my private collection, and these are sort of “Best of the Best” for me.

Anyway, I have to start with something, so here are my favorite colognes, or if you prefer — Perfumes for men.

People wear perfume to make themselves smell good. Perfume or cologne can tell a lot about your personality and style.

The best Colognes for Men with Style



ENCRE NOIRE À L’EXTRÊME is a woody type of perfume, great for the evenings, and is a real gem in my collection. It has a compelling but sensitive masculine character, obtained by the notes of vetiver and cypress.

With its unforgettable sillage, you’ll often be asked: “What perfume do you use.”This is one of the fragrances I would describe as the best perfume for men.

If you can afford to spend a fortune on cologne, you can have a look at Lalique crystal limited editions for men.

Giorgio Armani


ATTITUDE by Giorgio Armani is one of the most “elegant” perfumes in my private collection of men’s colognes and has a delightful, smooth and enigmatic scent. This is another candidate for the selection “best perfume for men” if you ask me.

You and your temperament won’t be forgotten if you use this woody,ultra-modern masculine fragrance as your signature, preferably in the evenings.

To give you a better idea about its unique character I will try to describe ATTITUDE with the following words: “cardamom,” cedar,” “coffee,” oriental,” “intense,” “sensual.”



Platinum Égoiste by Channel is another fragrance that will make you feel unique and confident and can be used in the evening, or during the day.

With its fresh and distinctly modern scent, unlike many others, ÉGOISTE is a perfume with its own specific and distinctive conservative scent.

If you are a dynamic-type of person with an independent and active character, you will undoubtedly love this cologne by CHANEL.

If you try it, you will see that its specific fragrance will undoubtedly deserve to be classified as one of the best perfume for men.

Hugo Boss


The BOSS by renowned Hugo Boss is just an example of an evergreen classics in perfumes created especially for men with style.

You just can’t go wrong with cologne like this one.

Masculine and fresh.A superb men’s perfume with a gentle and elegant scent. Without any doubt, the BOSS is one of the best fragrances for men.

You can’t mistake BOSS for something else.

It’s simply impossible.

Aroma, suitable for days and the evenings. Its name reveals a hint about what to be expected from this unique fragrance -a personal signature of successive, competitive, and ambitious man.

Alfred Dunhill


Specific. Mild.One of the best colognes that exist.

Not very famous, but very attractive as a scent this is another gem from my precious perfumes collection.

It has a definite masculine temper achieved by a combination of musk with sandalwood and incense.

The beautiful, woody character of DUNHILL Pursuit is enriched by green leaves essence, which makes this magical mixture irresistible and unforgettable.

I received as a present this intriguing cologne, and from the first time I tried, it is one of my favorites.





One.Unique.This is what SOLO stands for.

SOLO Cedro is another elusive scent from my colognes collection, which I would like to recommend.
With a sophisticated formula, combining woody notes with citrus fruits and spices, this perfume has a mild, but rich and exclusive aroma.

SOLO Cedro is suitable for the balanced gentleman and is one of those fragrances that many women will agree are among the best perfumes for men.

Such a fragrance will be highly appreciated by the man who likes luxury and discretion.

SOLO Cedro by LOEWE has an authentic masculine character and is suitable for the evenings, but it’s ideal for use during the day too.


Terre d’Hermès

Terre d’Hermès is one of my favourite fragrances crafted by HERMÈS.

This cologne is just perfect for any case and is undoubtedly one of the men’s perfumes with an original, timeless scent.

This perfume is both earthy and sophisticated, classic, and trendy.

With a typically masculine scent, Terre d’Hermès underscores the woody notes of patchouli, cedar, and vetiver, combined with mineral facets and enhanced by the freshness of shiso, orange, and grapefruit.

Terre d’Hermès can easily be worn for a formal event or intimate evening, and whatever the occasion is, people will notice this stunning, yet unforgettable and elegant fragrance and ask what you’re wearing.


Dior Sauvage

Sauvage by Christian Dior will certainly impress you from the very first time you use it. If you know well enough the scent of Encre Noire by Lalique, then you can probably find some similarities with both scents.

This is exactly what I felt initially.

A resoundingly fresh composition, dictated by a name that sounds like a manifesto.

Its radiant top notes explode thanks to the juicy freshness of Bergamot while its powerfully woody trail bears the signature precious ambergris.

Sauvage by Dior is inspired by large open spaces and resembles an ozone blue sky spreading over the rocky desert under the blazing sun.

Dior Sauvage is raw and noble at the same time and will make you feel noticed, wanted, and self-assertive, wherever you are.

Final words

As I shared earlier — I have a decent private collection of perfumes at my home, and I have tried hundreds of fragrances so far.

I usually test as a minimum of at least three different scents from a brand before I buy any of the precious bottles.

Through the last ten years, I found that the best perfumes for men with their own style are not necessarily the most expensive ones. The same is probably valid for the best perfumes for women, I assume.

However, discovering the best quality cologne takes time.

And some money, but not that much.

As a final, I will mention that regardless of what your personality or preferences are none of the above-selected perfumes for men will disappoint you.

Moreover, I’m sure that if you are a person who cares about his style, then most, if not all of them will become part of your unique collection of high-quality colognes too.

Do you know why?

No, it’s not because they are among those fragrances we often classify as the best perfume.

They are simply some of the best colognes for men with a style you can find.

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