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20 Great Ways for Renting a Car 100 Deals

20 Great Ways for Renting a Car

The realm of travel is far more nuanced than booking flights and accommodations.

When it comes to moving freely in your chosen destination, renting a car is an unparalleled solution. Today, we'll introduce you to the best car rental apps and services that will revolutionize your travel experience.

1. Hertz

As one of the oldest and most recognized car rental companies, Hertz offers an app that is as reliable as its cars. The Hertz app allows you to modify bookings, find locations, and even offers a Gold Plus Rewards program for frequent renters.

📊 Fact Check: According to Statista, Hertz held 13.7% of the U.S. car rental market in 2019.

2. Enterprise

With a vast fleet that includes everything from compact cars to trucks, Enterprise offers an easy-to-use app that lets you manage your rental from booking to return. Plus, its app offers a unique feature: AR directions to your rented car's location in the lot.

3. Zipcar

If you're an urban explorer, Zipcar is your best friend. This car-sharing service's app provides on-the-spot rentals by the hour or day. The app even lets you unlock the car!

📊 Fact Check: According to a study by Shared Mobility, each Zipcar replaces about 20 personally-owned vehicles, making it a more sustainable option.

4. Sixt

European travelers, take note. Sixt is incredibly popular in Europe and offers a range of luxury vehicles via its slick app. You can choose from a Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and even a Maserati!

5. Kayak

Though primarily known as a flight and hotel aggregator, Kayak offers car rental services too. Its app allows you to compare prices from various rental services and book the cheapest or most convenient option.

6. Avis

Avis’s app is particularly handy for business travelers. Features include a real-time receipt availability and fuel or mileage calculators. Its Preferred Points program is an added benefit for regular users.

7. Turo

Think of Turo as the Airbnb of car rentals. This peer-to-peer service allows you to rent someone's personal vehicle, ranging from a Toyota to a Tesla. The app is user-friendly and even lets you message the car owner directly.

📊 Fact Check: As per Forbes, Turo operates in over 5,500 cities and has listed more than 200,000 vehicles.

8. Skyscanner

Another excellent aggregation app, Skyscanner goes beyond flights and hotels to offer car rentals. A significant benefit here is the app's ability to present a 'Fair Fuel Policy,' helping you understand fuel charges better.

9. Europcar

Europcar is particularly strong in the European market and offers everything from sedans to trucks. The app provides real-time vehicle availability and allows you to use your phone as a key at some locations.

10. National Car Rental

National’s app is fantastic for last-minute bookings. Its “Virtual Aisle” feature allows you to see the real-time availability of models within your chosen car class at select locations.

Whether you're a solo adventurer or planning a family getaway, the ideal car rental service for your needs is just an app away. Buckle up, as we journey through the next set of platforms that redefine the concept of car rentals.

11. Getaround

Imagine an app that lets you rent a car without human interaction, relying solely on smartphone technology to unlock the vehicle. That’s Getaround for you. Ideal for short-term rentals, the app even provides insurance and 24/7 roadside assistance.

📊 Fact Check: A survey by Getaround states that car-sharing can save up to 1,600 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions per car per year.

12. Budget

As the name suggests, Budget targets cost-conscious travelers. But don't let the name fool you—the app is high on functionality. It even allows you to skip the rental counter if you've made a Fastbreak reservation.

13. Thrifty

If you're looking to rack up airline miles or hotel points, Thrifty's Blue Chip Rewards program is a boon. The app also provides a straightforward booking process and has been praised for its user interface.

14. Alamo

When it comes to family vacations, Alamo is often the go-to choice. Its app includes an online check-in feature, which speeds up the rental process, and a feature to save your rental history, making future bookings even easier.

15. Payless Car Rental

This lesser-known service doesn't skimp on features. Payless offers a range of discounts through its app, including options for early booking, which can save you a significant amount.

16. Silvercar

Luxe travelers, here's your pick. Silvercar only rents out Audi vehicles. The app includes complimentary GPS, Wi-Fi, and a toll tracker. The cherry on top? No paperwork.

17. AutoSlash

AutoSlash works differently; it tracks your car rental reservations for price drops. If it finds a better deal, it will rebook you automatically, ensuring you always get the best price.

📊 Fact Check: AutoSlash claims that it saves users an average of 30% on car rentals.

18. Car2Go

Operational in select cities, Car2Go offers smart cars for urban travelers. The app is ideal for one-way trips and charges you by the minute, giving you ultimate flexibility.

19. traditionalRenting

This app is unique because it targets long-term renters. If you need a car for a month or more, this is your best bet. The app even provides the option to swap cars during your rental period.

20. Easirent

Primarily UK-based, Easirent is making inroads into the U.S. The app offers a variety of cars at competitive prices and is especially known for its friendly customer service.

You've now been introduced to a kaleidoscope of car rental apps that promise to make your travel escapades stress-free and fulfilling. With options ranging from luxury to budget and short-term to long-term, the perfect rental service is waiting for you.

Tips and Insights when renting a Car

Armed with the knowledge of these 20 sterling platforms, you may wonder, "What's next?" Here we delve into the nuances of the car rental process, ensuring that your next ride is smooth, affordable, and downright unforgettable.

Tip 1: Timing is Everything

Booking as far in advance as possible usually guarantees better rates. Several apps offer early-bird discounts, making pre-planning financially rewarding.

Tip 2: Be Transparent

When using peer-to-peer services like Turo or Getaround, always read and adhere to the car owner's rules. Transparency builds trust, and trust ensures a smoother transaction.

Tip 3: Mileage Matters

Some apps offer unlimited mileage, while others don't. If your trip involves a lot of driving, opt for a service that provides unlimited mileage to avoid unforeseen costs.

📊 Fact Check: According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, the average American driver travels 13,500 miles per year.

Tip 4: Utilize Reward Programs

Apps like Enterprise and Avis offer robust reward programs. Accruing points can lead to free rentals or upgrades.

Tip 5: Inspect Before You Drive

Always inspect the vehicle thoroughly before driving off. Some apps allow you to upload pictures as part of the inspection process. Use it.

Tip 6: Study the Fuel Policy

Each app has a different fuel policy. Apps like Skyscanner show a 'Fair Fuel Policy' to help you understand what you’re getting into.

Tip 7: Off-Airport Rentals

Rental rates can be significantly cheaper at locations away from the airport. Use your app's location feature to explore different pick-up spots.

📊 Fact Check: According to USA Today, airport car rentals can cost up to 30% more than those at off-airport locations.

Tip 8: One-Way Trips

Apps like Car2Go and Zipcar allow for one-way trips, making them ideal for city explorations or situations where you won’t need a return trip.

Tip 9: Additional Drivers

If you're traveling with someone, consider the costs of adding an extra driver. Some services offer this feature for free if you're a member of their rewards program.

Tip 10: International Rentals

If you're planning to go international, ensure the app operates in your destination country. Sixt and Europcar are excellent options for European travel.


Final Words

By integrating these tips into your planning process, you are well on your way to mastering the art of car rentals.

Your next road trip is not just a journey from Point A to Point B; it’s an adventure waiting to unfold. Whether it's the upscale allure of Silvercar or the budget-friendly practicality of Payless, your perfect ride is now just a tap away.

So why settle for the mundane when the extraordinary is at your fingertips?

Download your chosen app, book your dream ride, and let the road ahead be your canvas, painting your travel tale one mile at a time.

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